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Benedict: the best brunch I've ever had…


So, no need to go around the bush, I’ll talk about my favorite meal: brunch. But not any brunch, the best brunch I have eaten so far. And if you’ve been following me for a while, now you must know my passion for it.

Since my arrival in Berlin, Doudou has offered me to try a whole lot of restaurants that we could do. When you go out with a greedy, it is quite easy to find arguments to please her. At the top of the list was BenedictA restaurant specialized in brunch 24/7.

Yes, yes, you heard me (or rather read), a guy realized my dream: I can brunch every day and at any time of the day or night!

Do not ask me why, it took us over 4 months to decide where to go. We arrive at the restaurant at 1 pm on a Saturday and wait a little over 40 minutes. The decor was definitely modern and neat, fresh with flowers and plants on the walls. I like it a lot. Our table is finally ready. The moment has come and I am excited as ever. To celebrate this moment, Doudou and I decide to enjoy it to the fullest, even if we can’t eat anymore for the next three days.

The advantage when brunch, is that you can drink alcohol (in moderation) with your croissants. We order 2 coffees and 2 cocktails. An unlikely mix you’ll say, but we do not care, we were there to enjoy. For food, since we are specially there for it, we opt for: a German breakfast for the gentleman, coming along with French toasts. For me, Benedict eggs with salmon, an avocado toast (obviously) and we also take some  banana pancakes to share.

I was amazed by the quality of the products at first and then by the quantity! It was huge in every sense of the word. I ate the best pancakes and the best french toast of my life at Benedict! This restaurant nailed it to the point!

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About the service: Excellent! My avocado toast was forgotten, so we reported it. One of the managers came to apologize and offered us a huge piece of cheesecake that we couldn’t even finish (it was delicious though).

Benedict is definitely part of our favorite restaurants now. So if you come to Berlin, do not hesitate to go there. There is always a bit of waiting for a table, but it’s definitely worth it.

As you can imagine, since I did not get my avocado toast, I’ll have to go back now and I can guarantee you that I won’t take 4 months this time!

Benedict – Uhlandstraße 49, 10719 Berlin, Allemagne
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