Zoku in Amsterdam: a new generation of hotels

« One of the 25 best hotels in the world » is the way Forbes magazine described this 4 star hotel, located in the Dutch capital, in the heart of Oost-Watergraafsmeer. Zoku is a designer establishment of the business district. Ideally located, it is only 20 minutes away from the center of Amsterdam.
I discovered this place on a Sunday brunch. I was initially surprised by the ultra modern style of the place, combining a co-working space and a restaurant.

Everything is thought to be effective and to be very comfortable. I had a quality brunch, which wasn’t actually expensive. The kitchen was opened to the restaurant and allowed us to see the chef at work. We only had to choose our menu and pay directly (CB only) onto one of the arranged terminals in the restaurant. Then you can choose by sitting outside to enjoy the view, or indoors in one of the many free spaces.
I had a real crush on this place. If you go to Amsterdam, do not hesitate to go there, the rooms are modern and the food is excellent. Zoku, is the new generation of hospitality.


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