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When Martinican rum magnifies French cuisine …

As you know, I’m from Martinique. I think my love of rum, probably comes from there. But I must admit, until not so long ago, I had not tested all the rums of my island (8 distilleries). Recently, I had the chance to taste the DEPAZ rums. And what was my surprise! A real nugget!
In Paris between 2 flights, I was invited by the ambassador of the brand, Benoit Bail (founder of the facebook group « La confrérie du Rhum », the Agricole Tour, the Epic Rum Tour) to a special tasting: a pairing of dishes with cocktails. This event was organized at le Gallopin restaurant, 40 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires 75002 PARIS.
The Gallopin is a leap in time, like in the 20’s when the Parisian madness happened on some jazz tunes. In its early days, this establishment was just a flow of beer and wine at retail. The same year, Gustave Gallopin its own beer measure that still uses its own name and which represents 20cl. This specialty was served in a silver mug that kept the beer cool. Faced with the Paris Stock Exchange, he creates what scholars call the « Grand Bar » and become the first ANGLO-AMERICAN BAR in Paris.

Every Thursday, the Gallopin proposes to taste 4 pairings of dishes with cocktails. And this Thursday, DEPAZ rums were in the spotlight. To start the chef, Mathieu Scherrer prepared a peas-soup with a hint of asparagus. To fit with this dish, Stan and Jill, the two bartenders, offered us a revisited Negroni prepared with some Depaz Hors-d’Age Port Cask Finish. We continued with a sea bream stuffed potato, sublimated by a Manhattan prepared with the Depaz Millésime 2002. Sautéed prawns and its sweet potato brunoise and absinthe flamed beans paired with a Dandy Shym cocktail prepared with the Depaz white rum – Cuvée de la Montagne. An explosion of flavor surprised everyone with the salmon spinach combination in mustard sauce and its Old Fashion prepared with the  Depaz VO. We ended this wonderful meal with a « Baba au rhum » and a Depaz VSOP Tom and Jerry cocktail.

It was for me an incredible discovery. Surprising combinations, audacious, crazy but so good. A passionate team who prepared each dish and each cocktail and made us discover a rum or cocktail in a new way. This restaurant becomes one of my favorites. I like that every mouthful and every sip became an invitation to a journey where gluttony is the only master on board.

If you have the opportunity to go to Paris, or just go to discover this restaurant, do not hesitate to test the Thursday tastings: You’ll thank me for that!

40 Rue Notre Dame des Victoires
Métro & parking : Bourse
Tél. : +33 (0)1 42 36 45 38

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